Forget Crypto Currency Free clobber will get you places!

It's the Hobo Jack TBT guys! This week we're taking you back to September 2019 and a quick hop across the water and the Hobo's trip to Amsterdam. It was a short trip just the Thursday-Sunday. We were fortunate to have the lovely Laila on board for the shoot a Dam native who showed us the sites including a dope spot called NDSM an amazing industrial cultural arts area on the outskirts. The trip of course started on the Thursday with the Hobo's own little tour of the city (oi oi) which of inevitably ended in queuing for a club, after waiting for a good hour Dan then proceeded to slip the bouncer 20 euros and a wink in which the bouncer was very grateful! It didn't get us anywhere but still he was very grateful lol. Once we eventually hit the front of the queue the door staff said that it was full and there would be no Entry! Well after some sweet talking by the Hobo's and of course some free clobber we were in! Whoop Whoop! The second day was shoot day, a little worse for ware but buzzing and ready for the day ahead. We hooked up with Laila and Danny armed with his Camera, Jimbo armed with his video and Dan with his amazing drone skills haha we were off! The 3rd day we headed back to NDSM to record a podcast in an amazing abandoned warehouse that we discovered the day before. The pod cast and BTS video can be seen on Hobo Jack Clothing's you tube channel, head over and check out the shinnanigans it's well worth a watch. Meanwhile enjoy the images below.  

Thanks again to our Bad ass models

Laila @lailaginger


More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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