"Throw in Judy Dench, Day-Lewis, The Rock and Ian Beale from Eastenders and you've got a hit on your hands."

We went and met comedian and all round funny guy Josh Pugh while in London supporting Ricky Gervais. After many years on the circuit Josh has found another whole new fanbase with his hilarious online satire sketches. We ask how he got into the industry, his advice on any newcomers and who would play alongside him in a feature film.

So tell us who's Josh Pugh?

Josh Pugh is a comedian inherently uncomfortable talking about himself in the third person. I do stand-up, I write and I do daft online videos. I'm also the kind of person who would.

Who long have you been a Stand up? How did it come about?  
I started stand up comedy in May 2014, its something I've always wanted to do but eventually plucked up the courage to get up in front of about 30 people in a pub in Burton on Trent (there was a comedy night on). It was a competition, which I won, I thought I was the next big thing and would be receiving a call from Hollywood within the week. 8 years on I'm finally working it out and the pub has been bulldozed and replaced by flats. 

Who were your comedy influences? 
As a kid I used to love Vick and Bob, I am an at age where I can remember watching Frank Skinner, Lee Evans, and Peter Kay all blow up. My favourite comedians are probably Harry and Hill and the late Sean Lock. But the truth is most of my comedy influences are real people like people in the pub or your Dad's mates.

What advise would you give to any aspiring comedians trying to hone there craft and break into the industry? 

Boring advice but just do it loads and do what makes you laugh. Make friends and enjoy it. Also also take the free food when its offered.

You have been working with some great talent out there including Ricky Gervais, Hugo Chegwin, and upcoming tour with Joe Lycett tell us a bit about that.  

I've been dead lucky to be asked to do some cool gigs and I feel very lucky but also ready, I've done loads of gigs and I enjoy doing the bigger ones "play the game not the occasion" as Graeeme Souness would say. (Yet to work with Graeme.)

You mentioned when we met that you would love to star in a film who would be the dream cast? 
I'd obviously be the heart throb hard as nails but simultaneously charming and hilarious lead. Throw in Judy Dench, Day-Lewis, The Rock and Ian Beale from Eastenders and you've got a hit on your hands.

Here at The Hobo Jack Journal we LOVE to travel- hence the name where is the best place you have ever been to and why? 

Benidorm, class.

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