In late 2014, we started HOBO JACK to bring something different to the t-shirt industry.
We set out to bring our designs, along with designers from all over the globe direct to the customer. We decided to break convention and cut out the middleman. By printing everything in-house and investing back into the brand we rapidly outgrew our first premises. 
Day by Day, tshirt by tshirt the Hobo Jack Army is growing.
By making all our garments in our state of the art factory we are able to offer the best quality tshirts at the best prices. Printed, packed and shipped form our UK factory. 
Inspired by explorers, dreamers and visionaries, in a bid to be different and break the mould.
Come and join us, follow our journey.
Dan 'Hobo' Moughtin - Founder (left) 
James 'Jimbo' Moughtin - Creative Director
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