“It’s how I can express myself and a form of escaping the real world. "

We headed to Ushuaia Tattoo Studio, West London to meet owner and artist Damian Gorski, his bold use of colour and realism is something that captivates from the minute you see it.

So tell us who is Damian Gorski? How and when did you get into tattooing?

As far as I can remember, I was always fascinated with tattoos, I say as far as I remember but really I mean from preschool. Please don't think I was chasing children with needles though haha! My tool of choice was a permanent marker, my body was the canvas.  Now I've been tattooing professionally for 10 years. Why only 10? Because that's when I got hooked on ink. Where I come from there was no one to teach me about tattoos. Had there been someone I'm sure I would have had much more than 10 years of experience under my belt. During this time I have been able to open up Ushuaia Tattoo In Fulham Broadway which is one of my biggest achievements.

How would you describe your style and is this a style that you first chose or something that has developed over time?

I got started with an interested in black and grey tattoos but once I found bold colours I was hooked.  I love any work in colour and black and grey ; realism and abstract. I love the shading, touching up and perfecting until I get the exact desired effect. I love big compositions but also have come to love smaller compositions and portraits too. I enjoy the whole process and get completely swept away by it. It has become my lifestyle, essentially.

What advice would you offer someone considering the industry as a career? And what would you say to young creatives trying to find their style or voice?

In my opinion, the most important thing is hard work and consistency in pursuing goals. Achieving goals and constantly setting new goals, and thinking about these ideas so they can develop over time, and in my opinion, this is the best reward. Being modest but aware of your own worth. Usually there is no need to spread word about how good you are, make your work speak for itself.

What do tattoos and tattooing mean to you?

It is my way of life, it’s my passion and I'm so grateful it’s my job. It’s how I can express myself and a form of escaping the real world.

What is the most memorable tattoo you’ve created?

I have been tattooing for around 10 years now. Each year I discover something new within tattooing that is memorable. This year I have come to enjoy smaller compositions. Which is a surprise because I've loved big compositions for ages!! I’m unable to specifically say what tattoo is the most memorable one I have created. All my custom designs contain a piece of me that is special to me. 

Here at The Hobo Journal we love to travel hence the name, where is the best place you have visited and why?

Ibiza for sure! I have visited a few times! I love it, There are no words that describe what I feel every single time I land on the Island. As soon as I am there I know it’s time to relax. Peace, love and freedom :)

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer  


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