“you don't want to do the industry a disservice"

It's the Hobo Jack TBT guys! This week we're taking you back to 2019 and Hobo's very first tattoo convention in Brighton. Although the boys and the brand of course have been tattoo inspired from day dot collaborating with the Uk's and indeed the worlds best artists they approached the convention with a little apprehension, " you don't want to do the industry a disservice" said the boys. It wouldn't take long for that fear to go as the artists and public went crazy for the brand, indeed having to call the factory to deliver more stock. This was a catalyst for the boys to go ahead and book in more conventions subsequently with Bristol & London coming later that year and again with amazing feedback and success. Unfortunately as we all know now2020 was to throw a spanner in the works, but as soon as the public events and conventions resume hopefully later this year you can be assured you will see the boys and a whole new bunch of amazing collabs and designs. 


More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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