“It’s been a fun ride and I wouldn’t change it for anything!”

Meet anderson aka zombiepunk the brazilian native that can be found roaming the streets of camden. we hear how he fled brazil and why he chose camden to re-birth!     

So, who is the man behind ZombiePunk? 

I believe that I am normal like anyone on this planet I just have my peculiar personality, many lose the pleasure of knowing because of prejudice, I am fun, affectionate, and even sensitive, courageous and fearful at times.   

You grew up in São Paulo, right? How was life there? 

In fact, I was born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto inland of Sao Paulo, a wonderful and very hot city.   

Have you always been outgoing and different when you were growing up?

Yes, when I was a child I drew pen drawings on my friends and I always identified myself with "strange", alternative and different arts and things. 

Do you feel that your appearance has hindered you in any way? 

I believe not because I never wanted to work in an office or anything like that, and yes I suffered a lot of prejudices due to my appearance, but on the other hand my appearance only helped me to be where I am (London) and that makes a lot of people who know my history admire me, especially those who knew me in Rio Preto, they remember me selling bullets and juggling to earn my money.   

What's the fascination with zombies? 

Haha I guess i've always had a fascination with Zombies watching all the movies you see as a kid growing up. I kinda made a decision to dedicate my life to the art of transforming into who i've always wanted to be. I haven't finished yet! 

When did you arrive in London and why did you decide to make this your home?   

I had a very problematic history in Brazil, full of ups and downs, I had some conflicts with politicians because of not accepting the new government and I had to leave everything and live a new life.   

You're well known now in Camden Town, what specifically attracted you?

One day someone told me that my life would be better in the city of Camden town, that this is a place where everything would be new and I would have more opportunities to be whoever I want.   

So you're a punk, do you live according to the stereotype? 

I don't fit any stereotypes, I just live like I want to, like listening to punk rock, hard core.    

Tell us about some wild experiences? 

Once in Brazil a guy tried to set me on fire. He poured a gallon of ethanol on my body and tried to set it on fire because of my appearance, and again a religious person approached me in my car and kicked me in the head, I have a lot of shocking stories and many do not know what I have been through in the past.   

Best punk band of all time? 

Crass, GBH, Basement rats, Cholera, Dead Kennedys, Sex pistols, Bad brains.   

Is punk dead? 

No, I believe that punk culture will never die due to recorded history and is still admired today by people like me.   

What are your aspirations for the future? 

I want to get more tattoos on my body, meet lots of people and go to different places.    

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   


  • tianna

    i am imspired by you i am 12 years old i love you sm, and you are so cool love the tattos. I also agree with you those are great bands. Hopefully i meet you one day.

  • tianna

    i am imspired by you i am 12 years old i love you sm, and you are so cool love the tattos. I also agree with you those are great bands. Hopefully i meet you one day.

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