“California dremin"


It's the Another overseas Hobo Jack TBT guys! This week we're taking you back to January 2020 and a hop across the Atlantic to sunny California, Venice beach and the Nevadan desert to be precise. 

This time we were meeting Jimbo out there as his girlfriend Amy had a guest spot with Dillon Forte in Venice Beach. This meant that travel arrangements were left to Dan (shudder) and of course in good old Hobo Dan style this would not be a simple “board at Heathrow and land in LAX”!!!  

The morning started with me waiting for Dan for an hour at 6 in the morning at Heathrow, after many times trying to call proceeding to get   very anxious Dan showed up, “What happened? Where you been?”  Subsequently Dan had picked up the wrong case from the bus which contained all the Hobo Jack clobber that we were shooting his drone and his camera, his life basically! After somehow tracking down the person that had been left with his case and getting into lets say a little altercation with a taxi driver all before 6 he was here and we were ready to rock.  

Here we go LAX see ya shortly, Nope! We were flying 11 hours to Phoenix, Arizona and the catching a 1.5 hour connecting flight to Ontario airport California which was a 2 hour drive from our apartment in Venice beech. After 20+ hours of travelling we arrived at our air bnb and in true Hobo fashion we hit the town for the night. 

The trip was only for actually only for 4 full days so we had a fairly hectic schedule. Our first day saw us shoot with the amazing Angela Mazzanti around Venice beech a super cool girl and somebody we had been wanting to shoot with for ages. The second day saw us hook up with our old pal and Venice native Jimmy Q, for this one we took a trip out of LA and hit route 15 in the Nevadan desert to where we found some amazing spaces including an old abandoned water park which was perfect. Upon finishing our shoot with Jimmy we said our goodbyes and we again in good old Hobo style proceeded another couple of hours and hit Vegas for the night. 

Arriving fairly tired and hungry we checked into Planet Hollywood went to eat then partied until the early hours. After 6 hours sleep we hit the road back for our 5 hour trip to Venice . That’s just how us Hobo’s roll. We were stoked with this trip and the images we hope you guys enjoy them too. 

Models @therealjimmyq  @angela_mazzanti


More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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