“Once I just walked indoors and she had a chicken sleeping on her lap petting it!”

Matthew revealed how growing up in a middle-class family could be unconventional at times. “My mum somehow trained her chickens to act like cats”, he chuckles. “Once I just walked indoors and she had a chicken sleeping on her lap petting it!"

Musically we always listened to a mixed range of music from the faces to David Bowie to get though the troubles of a working lifestyle. My style comes from 70’s films to watching 70s top of pops with my dad. I was always drawn to folk music. The sound and quality, it felt so personal and takes you on a  adventure. John Denver being my main drive. I had so much emotional build up and wanted to express my love for the earth, life and nature. So I picked up a guitar the age of 15 and started practicing everyday.

all my life I have crafting my folk sound. When I started modelling it was by complete accident - I actually got scouted after throwing up in Hoxton square. I didn’t really understand that tattoo models were a thing in the industry. I always had the impression tattoo models weren't welcome and were alienated, but as the years go by more and more covered tattoo models are leading the industry. I think the reason tattoo models are becoming popular is because it’s different, someone tattooed can tell a story without talking. The art talks and listens and that is what the modelling industry needs. So bring it!

I’ve done many shoots over the years gracing the front cover of Vogue & Tatler and worked with so many talented photographers but have to say my best shoot to date would have to be with Matthew Shave (@matthewshave). I would have loved to have worked with the legend John Denver, I know I keep bringing that name into everything, but he played a big part in my life.

Just having a noodle around and creating ideas for songs would be a blessing. In my spare time I have a big game collection, so gaming is dear to my heart. I also have a collection of old Polaroid cameras which I take away with me everywhere -.I photograph everything I come across on my travels and day to day life. One of the photo's funnily enough is the cover of my first single. I’ll be releasing my 'first single “autumn rain” with' gigs and live sessions to follow!  So keep your eyes peeled.

More images below from @dannywoodstockphotographer

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