“I can’t even really put my finger on one reason why, everything about it is just magical"

We headed down to South City Market Tattoos, East London to catch up with resident artist Loz. We ask her how she started in the industry , her inspirations and her goals.

Loz you said you had been a tattoo artist for approx 2.5 years, Why did you want to pursue this as a career and how did you go about it? 

Since I can remember I’ve always been drawn to tattoos as a form of self expression so it just made sense to pursue tattooing professionally. Since I was a kid I knew I’d have a career in art but I had no qualifications (I’m an art school drop out) so tattooing appealed because that wasn’t going to hold me back. I’ve always been a very anxious person so the thought of approaching tattoo shops for a apprenticeship was very scary, which Is why I put it off for so long. I eventually approached South City Market because my friend, Zaya (@zaya), was tattooing there. I went to chat to Ricky (@ricktattoo), who owns South City, and he hired me as an apprentice on the spot. I think he was just desperate for some help as the shop was newly opened. He didn’t even look at my drawings, If he had I probably wouldn’t have been hired if he did as they were very ropey back then haha. 

How would you describe your style and why did you choose this genre? Can you see your style evolving into something else in time? 

I’d just describe it as blackwork I guess! I like tattoos that are bold and impactful from as distance as well as up close and I think the style of tattooing I create lends itself to that. My style is always evolving, I used to use much thicker lines and now I line everything with a 3rl. I’ve recently started adding a little shading and white into my tattoos whereas previously I’d just use solid black so that’s something I’d like to explore more of in the future, as well as larger pieces and compositions. 

Who or what do you look to past or present for inspiration? 

I take most of my inspiration from existing art and architecture and also from travelling to different places. This was a big problem I had during lockdown, I wasn’t going out and seeing the world so I hit a massive creative block. I can’t wait to start travelling so I feel inspired to draw again. 

What is the most memorable piece you have created so far and why? 

I think the first wrapping barbed wire piece I did was the most memorable as it was the first time I had completely freehanded something. I learned a lot from that and now freehand wrapping pieces are my favourite to tattoo. 

Is there a celebrity past or present that would you love to put a Loz piece on? 

Bimini Bon Boulash 

Where is the best place you have ever visited and why? 

I lived in Cambodia in my late teens/early 20s and I’ve never been anywhere that’s felt as special as there. I can’t even really put my finger on one reason why, everything about it is just magical. Since then I’ve travelled a lot searching for somewhere that even comes close and I haven’t found it. 

What’s the goal for Loz the tattooer? 

I don’t really have tangible goals, I just want to continue to do work I’m proud of and be grateful for the very blessed position I’m in!

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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