“when you want it you want it!"

We headed down to Gypsy Stables Tattoo studio in Soho to meet up with Portuguese artist Cesar Pimenta. We asked him how he developed his signature style and what tattooing means to him.


So tell us who is Cesar? How and when did you get into tattooing?  

Well I started my apprenticeship back in 2010 in Lisbon. I was 19 years old and it was a pretty ruff start as I had to be in the studio all day and had another part time job ( even 2 at some point) to help pay the bills. The studio where I started had this super old fashioned mentality so it was tough, they didn’t want you to travel alone, or even hang out with people from other studios which I think made it a slow start for me BUT when you want it you want it! It taught me good lessons and values too and made me appreciate every achievement to this present day.

How would you describe your style and is this a style that you first chose or something that has developed over time?  

Back when I started I was taught/told to do a bit of everything, I had to prepare Hundreds of sketches in every style possible, and be ready to tattoo anything, but I was always pretty insistent (or stubborn to be more direct ahah ) in trying to find my way. Slowly slowly through the years I started having “my way” of doing things and is evolving to this day! some might say for the worst some might say for the better but I’m just going with my heart. I don’t know exactly what to call my style to be honest, something with a bit of traditional, neotraditional and black work?! Or like a more graphic neotrad?! 

In your opinion what makes a great  artist and what advice do you have for  beginners trying to get a foothold in such  an over- saturated, fast paced industry?

Above all respect. Stay humble. Nowadays I think it’s tough to get into tattooing, not so much the learning part as there is so much information and so easy to follow due to the social media’s etc, but I think this whole “ being famous or super fashion” thing doesn’t help. I saw people refusing to do lettering in their apprenticeships because “that’s not what they wanna do” or talking bad to a colleague or a costumer because the artist didn’t like the design. Be humble. Absorb, learn, keep to yourself and follow your path! But never forget that this job involves people so be a cool guy Even in the hard times, tattooing is Awesome!

What does tattooing mean to you? 

Tattooing is one of the major parts of my life. It’s a lifestyle, it’s pure love to me.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement so far in your career?

Literaly everything. Definitely being able to travel, meet people, meet other artists, meet artists I look up to, learning constantly, to be able to have a more stable life etc. I couldn’t be happier with my job and where it’s taking me.

Is there a celebrity past or present that would you love to put a Cesar piece on? 

I would love to put a piece on a celebrity as much as in anyone else. There are loads of past and present figures I would love to meet and of course would be an honour to tattoo them but I don’t see them above anyone else. I’m more than happy to put a piece on anyone that likes my work!

You love to travel, tell us your favourite place in the world and why?

Honestly I couldn't tell you a favourite place, I love to travel in general, I love Scandinavia, specially Norway and Finland, I always love the friendly home feeling of southern Europe like Portugal, Spain, Italy. I have a big fascination for Asian cultures too, Hong Kong and Japan were unbelievable amazing experiences! I love to see the difference between countries and cultures. In the last few years I'd say my favourite place was Hong Kong and Bergen, Norway. I went with my wife for conventions and we always like to stay a week more to explore. And both these cities were amazing experiences! 

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