"the feeling of making a room full of people laugh is next level"

We went and hung out with rising comedy star Jack Skipper. We came across Jack via instagram and Tim Tok where his satire at everyday scenarios have gained massive popularity. After always harbouring ambitions of one day being a stand up comic like his heroes growing up Jack ventured into the "social" platforms during the first lockdown in 2020. Now the world has seemingly got back to some kind of normal Jack has started his journey into the world of stand up and the reception he's received has been amazing, Is this the next Sean Lock? We can't wait to see.


So tell us who is Jack Skipper?

I am Jack Skipper and I am a comedian from Sutton, South London. I started off by making TikTok/Instagram videos and am now branching out into the world of Stand up comedy. I like to draw inspiration from everyday mundane situations and turn them into relatable sketches. 

When did the comedy journey start? What are the next steps? 

After years of thinking about it, I started a Stand up comedy course in February 2020. Then obviously the pandemic hit so I had to find a different outlet for comedy and settled on TikTok. I then started to grow a sizeable audience which was a huge surprise as it wasn’t my plan when I decided to begin comedy. I have now started performing Stand up comedy and am really enjoying it. I intend to keep working hard and improving and am very excited to see where it will take me.

Who were your comic heroes growing up? 

Growing up I would repeatedly the I’m Alan Partridge VHS box set. I was a bit obsessed with it and would still say it’s my favourite comedy program to this day. When it come to Stand up I would say my hero is Sean Lock. I loved his surreal take on everyday situations. 

How do you come up with material?

I make notes on my phone of any observations I make, or thoughts I have. Then usually when I’m feeling creative I just talk to myself and see what comes up. I try to do it when I’m on my own in private, it looks a bit weird when I do it down the cafe.

What do you think is integral to the work of a comic?

I think it’s important to put out content that you like. It’s good to take inspiration from others but only if you like it. Not just because you see lots of other people are liking it. I feel taking any situation or observation and filtering it through your own unique view of the world is a great way to create authenticity. 

Are the internet and Youtube revolutionizing comedy, or will there always be room for a good stand-up comic?

It’s definitely making a difference and I obviously would not have come as far as I have already without it, and for that I’m very grateful. There will always be room for stand up though. I am always so overwhelmed and thankful with the follows, likes and comments I get with the online comedy but the feeling of making a room full of people laugh is next level. I love feeling the electric atmosphere in an audience when I’m watching a comedian smash a gig. So I think it is something that comedy fans will always want/need. 

Have you ever had to deal with hecklers? if so what did you do?

I had one guy who was giving me a bit of stick. But to be honest the gig wasn’t going to well and it actually improved the set when I had to think on my feet. The laughs tend to be bigger when the comedy is in the moment. 

Cammon tell us summin funny :)

I had to google what integral meant so I could answer one of these questions.

Here at The Hobo Jack Journal we love to travel hence the name, where is your favourite place on earth?

I once worked on a farm in a small town in Australia called Bowen. Such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. I can see myself one day retiring to the Australian outback and living off the land. 


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