“I’ve always wanted my ring to be worn by people like me.”

So Matthew tell us a bit about you? What’s your background?   
Like lots of people I’ve never really known what I wanted to do, I barely made it through college and after that just drifted from one dead end job to another until I had the courage to quit and focus on making jewellery about 3 years ago.   
What made you get into jewellery design? 
Well I was looking for big biker style brass rings and was not having any luck finding anything I liked so I decided to cut out the middle man and start designing and making it myself, that and hating my job I was doing at the time.   
What has been your favourite commission to date?   
Its so hard to pick from all the rings I’ve made over the last 3 years but I’m always a fan of simple rings with bold designs. I made a set based on French prison tattoos for my friend and the simple, raw drawing work perfectly with my style and what I wanted to make.   
How long does the process take from start to finish?   

So it’s kinda hard to say, really depends on the ring, probably a day or two in total but spread out over a couple of weeks, carving the waxes and making the moulds, casting and then polishing and finishing then rings. Lots of people think brass and bones is a team of people but it’s just me, I make everything by hand and each ring I make is made from scratch so each ring is unique for the person that ordered it.  

Is there anybody you would love adorn your jewellery?   

To be honest this isn’t something I’ve ever thought about really, I’ve made a few rings for famous people, I won’t say who though. I’ve always wanted my ring to be worn by people like me.   
How do you market your brand?   

This is probably the thing I struggle with most, I always wanted to grow my business organically and genuinely so steered clear of influencers and stuff like that and instead did collaborations with tattooers that I knew and people that shared my kind of vision.   
If you could have any superhero power, what power would you have, and why?   
Probably invisibility, not sure why but I reckon it could be a lot of fun.   

What would you choose as your last meal?   

I’m a big fan of curry, like proper curry so I have to go to the Lahore kebab house in white chapel, it’s the real deal.   
What's the plan? 
I'm not much for forward planning which probably not a great business strategy. Last year I started doing make your own ring sessions either one on one or for groups of friends and I would love to do more of that but haven’t had much chance to do that this year for obvious reasons. So for now I’m just going to concentrate on making more one of a kind rings.            

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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  • Lou

    The designs look lovely, really original too

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