“A great model or influencer has to be hard working and strong"

How did you get intothe modelling scene? and what drove you more into the alternative side of the industry?

I was spotted whilst out shop ping by an agent years ago. I first started doing fashion & hair jobs and was quickly thrown into the modelling industry travelling up and down the country. One of my first gigs was for house of Fraser but I quickly learned my alt look wasn’t getting me much work as a fashion model so I started do ing fetish work as it paid well. 'My style keeps changing!' She explains.' It flickers between moods.' I can go from rock chick to barbie girl. Over the years I started buying more guys clothes as they fit much better.

How has your style evolved over the years? who are the people you look to for inspiration?

My style has changed in many ways from my hair and getting more tattoos, but I think I have always been a little different and not always fitted in. Most of my inspiration came from my favourite artists or musicians.

What has been your best shoot to date?

My favourite shoot I’ve was with ‘Thin Lizzy’ Which was for their new concealer campaign. I was flown to New Zealand and took part in a project where all of my tattoos were completely covered with make up, and we did a before and after reveal. It was really exciting but took a long time, around 3 hours and 4 make up artists to cover me totally. It was crazy to see how different I looked without anymore tattoos but something I really enjoyed taking part in.

In your opinion what makes a great influencer/model? and what advise would you have for beginners trying to get a foothold in an over-saturated market and fast paced industry?

A great model or influencer has to be hard working and strong. You have to work day and night and constantly be able to grow and learn.

What is the hardest thing you think you have to deal with in the industry?

One of the hardest things in the industry is accepting it's a full time job. Yet people seem to think it’s one of the easiest things to do in the world or that it isn’t a real job. It’s chasing work and then payments, and attending numerous shoots on little sleep whilst trying to juggle your personal life, social life, social media, shooting content, travelling and trying to be a modern adult all at the same time. It really is a lot of hard work.

Dead or alive who would you love to shoot with and why?

No brainer of course it would be David Bowie, the guy just oozed charisma and style. Just a pure genius.

Beyond tattoos, modelling and supporting other creatives what are your passions? what do you like to do on your days off?

I've become very adventurous as I’ve got older. As well as travelling I love to camp and hike. Trail walks or take my dogs on long walks to national parks. I just took on a walk in Barcelona called the ‘Cami de Ronda’ where I hiked the coast line for a week straight.

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