“The scene was badly in need of something new"

Meet Arno the face behind The Lounge 666 in Camden. We asked the man from Belgium about why he came to London and how he forged a career in hosting parties.

I came to London t fill in as a guitar player for a crust Punk band who had a Mexican tour lined up. I was living in a van, which we used for touring, parked outside a squat. My first job here was " trafficenumerator ", basically counting cars for 12 hrs a day in the cold. All our squatting friends were doing that job ha ha, cause no one cared what we looked like! So I would work my ass off for 2 months and then fuck off travelling in some warm, exotic countries. Those were the days ha ha!

I launched The Lounge pretty much exactly 3 years ago, on the first weekend of May 2016. We had just lost theIntrepid Fox a year before that, and the new 12 Bar literally a couple of months prior, and I was plotting my nextmove. I already knew Koli and his club then, The intrepid Fox being located for a short time on the ground floor of The Archway Tavern. Koli's nightclub was already hosting REPTILE then when I bumped into him.

The scene was badly in need of something new. A lot of clubs and venues were closing their doors for various reasons. and things could have done with a bit of excitement. Since my living room isn't big enough to have youall motherfuckers every weekend I thought I might start doing stuff at Koli's in Archway. The Lounge isn't actually a venue, its the "harder", more rock side of Koli's nightclub: gigs and club nights.

Having been involved in The Intrepid Fox for 7 years, the 12 Bar for a year as Assistant manager, as well as other rock venue in London ( I started as barman at slimelight a good 10 years ago ) it was just the logical next step I guess.

If its a " Lounge Night ", you will most likely experience some kick ass live show. Either by one of the kick ass pro- moters we work with ( like Camden Rocks or Retribution ) or some of our in-house gig .Punk Rock, Glam, Indie,BM..We try to showcase as many different underground bands and styles as we can. Doyle ( best know for his material with the horror punk band The Misfits ), Discharge, Warrior Soul, Shark island,Tyla's Dogs D'amour, Ledfoot or even Suzi Quatro are some of the cult artists to have graced us with their amazing stage performances.

But you could also experience one of our crazy club nights. Wherever you are into Industrial and Goth ( REPTILE), GLAM and 80's Sleaze rock ( SHOT THOUGH THE HEARTand also DECADENCE ) or RAMMSTEIN ( ICH WILL ) we have something hot and alternative for you. Even the amazing sample of dark delights ( from Tarot to taxidermy, oculist comics and other macabre beauties) that is The Dark Art Fayre.

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