“I got hung in the air with angel wings and pretended to shoot an AK47... best day everrrrrr”

Meet Angiee, originally from Lithuania. Moving to the UK in 2003, she explains that “back when she was 6 she used to be a demon at chess and checkers. “I used to play  tournaments in both. I remember back when I was 9 I played a checkers tournament and won 2nd place. So basically I kind of guess that I was 2nd best in the whole of Lithuania, right?. Oi oi' , she says with a laugh. 

After moving to England, Angiee went on to study graphics, 3D Design & Photography at college before starting to model in 2015. Forging a career in modelling with focus on the hair industry, she shoots many campaigns for the top hairstylists.   'My style keeps changing!' She explains.' It flickers between moods.' I can go from rock chick to barbie girl. Over the years I started buying more guys clothes as they fit much better.  I don't look to anybody in particular for inspiration but I admire models like Gina Harrison (@ginaharrison) she is a G' Over the last 4 years Angiee has partaken in many shoots and campaigns but will always remember one. “I did this shoot years ago with @timbretdayphoto, it was for a dominion series based in America...I got hung in the air with angel wings and pretended to shoot an AK47... best day everrrrrr.” .

While loving the modelling scene she is in, Angiee does sometimes become disconcerted with the ever growing influence social media has over all aspects of the industry and “When you go to a casting and they ask for ya Instagram following. Like my portfolio should be good enough, no? Why does it matter how many followers I got...that annoys me the most…." Angiee has many exciting projects upcoming in 2019 but one stands out and that is a shoot with Steve Taylor (@s_t_r_a_w) “Got a shoot coming up with him. His work is so lit keep your eyes peeled for that”

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