“I’m loud in my aspect but I’m also composed and silent when it comes to talking about me"

We speak to Alberto Dega and get an insight into why the man born into a successful Venetian family couldn’t conform, and wanted to find his own path in life.   

Alberto explains: 

I was born into a good family that was unfortunately devoted to work and less to human relationships, but I had everything. I have never really looked to anybody in particular for inspiration I just keep my eyes open everywhere I go. I get inspired by everything that surrounds me, every detail of the world that my eyes are lucky enough to see. I was a difficult boy growing up and spent all my youth being wild because all that was ordinary, just wasn’t for me, and in turn at the age of 17 I decided to leave the family home perpetually in search of something more, creating strong emo- tions and encountering continuous hardships, learning how to raise my head and many times when to lower it, working and living alone at the age of 21 I became a father. I was still a little boy masquerading as an adult, and never managed to be the father I want- ed. I went back to work for the family business and concentrated my mind in the body of work for the next ten years, having very good success but my life at that time didn’t belong to myself, so I decided to leave once again with a wiser head on my shoulders and follow my real passion which is the art of tattoo’s. My first tattoo dates back over 20 years ago to when I was 14 when I got “SKINHEAD” tattooed, which I’m now pleased to say is covered up. The English influence has always run in my veins, even If I was never able to learn the language (unfortunately). The ink was flowing under my skin day after day and it was my love for that decorum that was jaw dropping for most in a positive and negative way. I dedicate myself entrepreneurially to the world of tattoos and now run 3 successful tattoo studios along with modelling and showcasing the art I have collected on my body. I would love to work with the photographer Ian Elkins, I believe his shooting format, his attitude and the way he carries himself is perfect. It’s a really small recap of my life, maybe because my life has comprised of mostly negatives rather than positives. 

I’m loud in my aspect but I’m also composed and silent when it comes to talking about me...  

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