Beard Oil - Artemis - 30ml By Hobo Jack

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Mens beard oil

Artemis - Top notes: Bergamot

This Beard Oil smells amazing. 

This will leave your beard clean and soft revealing the hairs natural colour and elegance.


JOJOBA OIL ~ Rich Golden and Cold Pressed, the finest Jojoba mimics the natural sebum in the skin.

HEMP OIL  Trapping moisture strengthens our skin and hair - enhancing our natural defences against pollution, sun, dry air and excessive use of soaps, gels and other detergents.

The essential fatty acids contained in hemp seed oil have been clinically proven to alleviate or remedy dry skin, minor skin abrasions, acne, eczema and psoriasis.


Vitis Vinifera, Hemp oil, Castor oil, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativus, Simmondsia, Chinesis, Parfum.

Packaged in a high quality bottle 

Not tested on animals



Our Story

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Welcome to Hobo Jack, Established 2014 from Dan & Jims Garage. A true story of inspiration, who knew what started out as a small side hustle would grow in to what it is today.

 Previously travelling the world with almost no money, Jim and Dan have always been known as “the hobo brothers”

When they arrived back home they quickly realised that they wanted to create something for themselves.

 With no previous experience in printing they started with just one small digital printer in their garage, five years on Daniel & Jim have reinvested every hard earned penny back in to the Hobo Jack brand and now own a 6000 square foot factory with state of the art screen printing machines, garment folding/packing machines and one of the best digital printing set ups in the UK.

 This year Hobo Jack exceeded the milestone 100,000 order mark, day by day, tshirt by tshirt the Hobo Jack Army is growing and continues to grow rapidly, constantly re-investing profits back in to the business to maintain growth.

Money has never been the objective, but creating one of the largest lifestyle independent clothing brands to share with everyone at the most affordable prices has always been the goal and still is to this day.

 They have now worked with artists, models and photographers from all across the globe bringing you stunning collections from London, New York, Iceland & Australia.

The great news is, Hobo Jack is only just getting started.

 Explore - Design - Discover

 Inspired by explorers, dreamers and visionaries, in a bid to be different and break the mould.

 Stay Inspired.

 Come and join us, follow our journey.

Dan 'Hobo' Moughtin - Founder (left)  Instagram ~ @thehoboexplorer
James 'Jimbo' Moughtin - Creative Director Instagram ~ @hobojimmy
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