Well, what a crazy few years it has been for us. We can honestly say when we printed our first ever t-shirt, we never could have quite imagined just how far we could come.
2019 has been a huge year for the Hobo Tribe and there is no way we could have got to this point without our truly amazing customers. You have supported us from the get go and to say thank you we have decided to re-release some of your most favourite designs from over the years.
We have gone deep into the Hobo krypts and dug out some of the most classic designs we have ever released. We have rediscovered artwork from our most famous collections including designs from Into the Wild, El Mexicano, Pirates & Rum, Hot Rods & Pin Ups, Death before Dishonor, plus many more of your favourites.
We’ve made sure we have some huge things unfolding in 2020, and in the meantime we hope you enjoy this naughty little blast from the past. We could not have started this journey without you, so please keep on supporting us and we promise to keep delivering our awesome designs. Thank you guys.
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