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We have had a passion for Beards, Beard Oils and Hair styling products for a long time at Hobo Jack. We're two brothers who run Hobo Jack (Dan Moughtin & James Moughtin) and we have had many hair styles over the years and various facial hair styles. (we'll upload some pictures one day if you want a laugh). 

If your like me, once you find a good product you stick with it for a while. Although it is nice to have a place where you can get all the products you need and only pay one shipping cost. 

I have been researching Oils and Essential Oils for over a year now and while we had a short spell selling another brands Beard Oil, I always felt I could source better Ingredients.

I'm over the moon with our first 3 Beard Oils, and there will be more to come thats for sure.

They feel and smell awesome.

Also if you are interested in becoming a Stockist please email;