"I love the social aspect of the job also, connecting with humans & experiencing a spiritual exchange of energy, & empowering people to reclaim their bodies & hopefully fall in love with themselves more"

We went and hung out with London based tattoo artist Gi aka Slow Pokes, Gi is gaining a fast reputation for being one of the best Hand Poke artists in the country. The technic closest to its origins is gaining more and more popularity amongst collectors. We ask Gi why she chose this technic, What she loves about the tattoo community and in her opinion what makes a great artist.


So tell us who's the woman behind Slow Pokes Tattoos?  

My name is Georgia but everyone calls be Gi! 24 years young handpoke artist based in London. Besides from tattooing I love nature, cooking yummy vegan food & travelling around the globe.  

When did you know you wanted to be a tattoo artist? did you already have a formal art background? 

I’ve always been fascinated by the tattoo industry from a very young age! Luckily I got my foot in the door of my local tattoo shop & started as a cleaner at 17. I was eventually trained as a professional body piercer & then became the manager. I never considered myself a good enough artist to start tattooing as I didn’t have a formal art background. I just doodled for fun & eventually got encouraged by my fellow tattooists to try it once they saw my art. 

What made you gravitate towards hand poke tattoos? and tell us exactly what that is?  

I gravitated towards handpoking after trying first with a machine, I didn’t connect with electric made tattoos - the vibration, pain & weight of the machine seemed far too intense for me to start with. After seeing a handpoke tattoo artist on Instagram I decided to start researching & experimenting with the method on my own leg.  Handpoke or ‘Stick & Poke’ is the same process as using a tattoo machine, but the needle is hand powered rather than electric. Fundamentally, hand poke tattooing is using a sharp point to deposit an ink pigment into the skin to leave a permanent mark. I use the same tattoo needles & ink as those used with machines. - I just do all the work!

Tell us what you love about your job and the tattoo community at large? 

I ADORE every aspect of my job & the community. It is such a honour / pleasure to create pieces of art on people that will last a life time. I love the social aspect of the job also, connecting with humans & experiencing a spiritual exchange of energy, & empowering people to reclaim their bodies & hopefully fall in love with themselves more. The community is also evolving into such a positive, inclusive, safe space for all humans. Also I love that I get to travel & experience new things. 

What makes a good artist?   

Someone that is forever learning & evolving. It’s important to not only pride yourself in the art you’re creating but also the whole experience you provide for the customer. Also leave your ego at the door! 

In your opinion what makes a great  artist and what advice do you have for  beginners trying to get a foothold in such  an over- saturated, fast paced industry? 

Art is subjective & I think the best artists follow their own trends. Taking influence from everything but making something your own / unique. The industry is so saturated & it’s important to stand out & find your niche. That means experimenting & changing a lot of what you do until you find your calling. For those starting out get yourself a decent portfolio together & strive for an apprenticeship in a studio that’s going to be open to teaching you. Then find your FLOW. 

Here at The Hobo Jack Journal we love to travel you travel all over for work where's your favourite place and why?    

Ohhh I love love love to travel. I feel so blessed that I’m able to travel & guest in different studios. I have a great year lined up - I’m doing a little uk tour & then expanding to Europe & even further! So I’m very excited to meet other artists, be surrounded by different cultures & learn many new tricks. So far my favourite place has been Brighton as I love the open / inclusive vibes … plus the sea air!! Super grateful for my existence & the career path I have created for myself.  Doing it all with love. 

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