"you have to be humble and understand the process"

We went and hung out with Italian tattoo artist Davide Abbondanza aka "Angel Face" We asked how his journey began, his advice on any artist contemplating tattooing as a career and how he evaluates success.


So tell us who's the man behind Angel Face Tattoos? 

I’m a just a simple guy from Italy , a small village near Nápoles . I Came to London 4 years ago . I moved over here to experience new challenges , to see a different life from what I had back home. 

When did you know you wanted to be a tattoo artist? did you already have a formal art background?

I was around 20 and I was looking for something to do with my life . I already had tattoos, and one day looking at myself in the mirror I wondered if I could actually venture into the world of tattooing. I used to draw as a kid and always loved playing with colours.

Do you think there are challenges in being a tattoo artist that other artists who create for themselves don’t face?

100% First of all my art is permanent . That comes with a lot of pressure  . It’s a risk what I do starting from cleanliness, to the materials I use such as the needles , I also have to convey the artist I am trough what the client wishes to have.

What advice would you offer someone considering the industry as a career? And what would you say to young creatives trying to find their style or voice?

It’s a long journey, there’s lot to do . You have start from the bottom and you have to be humble and understand the process especially nowadays with so many people trying to pursue this industry, you have to be persistent and home your craft.

Do you think there is still a common misconception people have about you and the industry that you're in?

Definitely. For how I look as well this is partly the reason I had to move away from my town. I don’t think it’s only related to tattoos specifically. It’s just the way people are, They’ll take a look and create their own opinion of it. 

How do you evaluate success as a tattoo artist?

For me a successful artist is one who works in a total freedom according to who they truly are. Having the space to work the style you identify with . That’s what I aspire to be.

Here at The Hobo Jack Journal we LOVE to travel- hence the name where is the best place you have ever been to and why?

This shop back in Bologna. It was the first studio I’ve worked outside my home town . Therefore outside by comfort zone, It helped me so much to grow and get different perspectivel . This was a huge push for me and I’m up for this challenge again and again.


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