“ Being a female in such a male-dominated industry is literally a nightmare"

We hung out with recording artist Rona and got an insight into what it's like as a female trying to put her stamp on such a male dominated industry.


So Rona tell us when and how you got into the music industry?

I’ve been playing or making music in one way or another forever, it took a back seat for a while when I started dancing and designing clothes, but I think that only moulded my sound more. I took the biggest steps into music when I moved to London and went to uni, but only really started releasing music once I had played with different sounds and found the path I wanted to go down, but I’m always exploring new ways to evolve my music.

What’s the hardest thing to deal with in the industry?

There are two things that I think go pretty hand in hand. Everyone knows the level of rejection is insanely high in this industry as music is so subjective, but you still could never be fully prepared for it… the non-responses are also so much worse than the rejections, especially when what you’re making is so personal to you, it’s literally your experiences and emotions, not a physical product. The second thing, again, isn’t a surprise. Being a female in such a male-dominated industry is literally a nightmare. At almost every turn you get pigeonholed, not taken seriously or objectified before you’ve even played your music. I find especially being in the UK, as female artist who doesn’t make straight Pop music, is even harder.

Dream collaboration and why?

FKA Twigs. Without a doubt, she pours her soul and experiences into her music in such an artistic way and speaks out about things she has been through, no matter how painful. That is everything music should be, it’s another language to speak and help people, she uses it in the most powerful way and the way I believe it should be. Her artistic vision is also crazy and I know that if I was able to sit in a room with her, our combined visions would be something else.

Tell us something in your personal or professional life that will blow our minds.

My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question!! :)

The best place you have ever been to and why?

There are a few beautiful places in the world that I have been lucky enough to visit, but my place will always be Malta. I’m half Maltese, so I spent half my childhood there and it will forever be my safe place that I can hold on to and run away to.

Article & Photo Credit: Danny Woodstock

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