" I sure as hell won't justify not releasing a song just because a couple videos of me singing my lyrics didn't go viral. "

The Journal came across Karizma via an instagram live and like his name sake he oozed Charisma and we knew we had to go hang out with American recording artist while on his London stint of his European tour. The man like his music is pure class and a gentleman. We asked him about his writing process, what he would change about the industry and how important it is to be part of a record label. 
So tell us who is Call Me Karizma?

Call Me Karizma is the unfiltered leader of delinquents, outcasts, and invisible people of this world. I don't shy away from speaking on certain topics, and I make it my prerogative to tell it how it is in my music and life in general. I've spent the last decade dedicating every second of every day to creating music that lasts forever, that will actually help people. If my music helps just one person, the effort and time spent is worth it.

Do you have a particular process for writing and producing?

I usually like to start a song with a simple guitar loop or bass riff. Then I start writing the main idea or the hook of the song, then build the verses. Production comes along as I write it, then I really dig into the sound of the music after the lyrics are down.

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

The main thing right now would be how TikTok is the main driver of music. I think it is great that my music can "blow up" from an app, but whenever I want to release music, there will be someone from a label or position of power within the industry saying "first let's see how it does on TikTok." I didn't start writing songs because of an app, and I sure as hell won't justify not releasing a song just because a couple videos of me singing my lyrics didn't go viral.

You're signed to Thriller Records What’s your views on record labels? Do you think they are beneficial in todays world?

If you have a strong team around you, and your label truly cares about the artist and your project, then I think labels can be beneficial. But if your label is just a bank and pays for music videos, and in return owns your music, then no way is the label worth having. 

Who would write the soundtrack to Karizmas life? And who would play you in a biographical movie?

I am writing my own soundtrack to my life. Each song is a sliver of my life that I share with the world. I don't know of someone who quite looks like me, but I think Ryan Gosling is a badass and could smash the role of Karizma in a biopic.

Do you have a favourite gig that stands out and why?

One of my favorite shows I've ever played was in Warsaw in April, 2022. It was my first show in Europe ever, and almost 300 people came out to support me. In America, where I have been playing shows for 8+ years, Warsaw was nearly my biggest headline concert ever... so far. So it for sure has a special place in my heart and always will.

Here at The Hobo Journal we love to travel (hence the name) where’s the best place you have ever been to and why? 

As I type this I am in the Maldives, and it is for sure a magical place. Waking up literally ON the ocean, and seeing stingrays swim beneath you is for sure a trip. But other than a vacation spot, I have to say anywhere in the world that comes to see my concert and supports me has a "favorite city" asterisk next to their name for life.


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