“I’ve seen stuff I kinda wish I could unsee."

After starting to record and release his music in the early 2010's bexey came to prominence after collaborating and touring with late friend and artist lil peep,  we spoke with the romford recording artist half way through recording his first album.

Being an artist that suffers from mental health do you think it helps or hinders your craft/career? 

I think it helps a ton! It is my therapy.. whether it’s writing words in my notes, recording a song, painting a picture of performing to a crowd. It is all therapy for me, I have to let it out!   

Can we ask what has been your lowest moment and what did you do to pull yourself through? What advise would you give people in the same situation? 

My lowest moment would be around mid 2020, too much stuff brushed under the rug. Too many problems I hadn’t solved, experiencing very weird paranormal activity, addictions, people dying. I just had enough of life to be honest. I’m no expert, but my advice would be to get out in nature more and live a healthy lifestyle. Reconnect with nature, even if it’s sitting by a tree for ten minutes. So much is to be learned by watching how nature moves.   

Tell us about your new album I heard on the grapevine you have some dope collaborations. 

Super excited for my first album! It’s changing and evolving every time I work on it. I’m really enjoying the process, no rushing!   

Do you have a specific process for writing and producing? 

I only create when it overflows, when it pours out of me. If the energy wave isn’t there I don’t force it!   

If they aren’t on this album who would be your dream collaboration?

Hmm... not my dream collaboration but I’d love to work with Mos Def. Been listening to him a lot lately! My dream collaboration is with Phil Lynott, but we’ll do that in the other life.   

What or who were your influences growing up? 

The music I was surrounded by, whether it was my dad, mum or brothers/sister, or video games & movies I was addicted to.   

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be? 

Wish it was just all about the art to be honest. I’ve seen stuff I kinda wish I could unsee   

When was the first time you heard yourself on the radio and how did that feel? 

I don’t remember which song exactly, but I remember people from my school ringing me saying “yooo you’re on radio 1”. I turned it on and recorded it, really happy.   

Who would write the soundtrack to Bexey’s life? And who would play you in a biographical movie? 

Andre 3000! & I wish that could be a young Robert De Niro.   

What legacy would you like to leave behind? 

Spread the message worldwide that it is absolutely fine to be yourself.  

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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