“ I haven’t committed grand theft auto since then. Which I’m putting down as a win!"

We hung out with recording artist Alex Harry and asked him on his experience as a finalist on The Voice UK this year and what future projects he has in the pipeline.

So Alex tell us about your Journey on the Voice this year and how was it working with Olly Murs? 

It was really cool to be part of such a huge show and to perform to names like Tom Jones and Olly Murs. I didn’t expect to even get an audition, so when I got a turn I was baffled, you can probably tell from watching the audition! Olly was great to work with, he’s super supportive, he knows how to push you out of your comfort zone too though! 

We know you performed on the Voice and the prize at the end of the show is a record deal. Do you think having a record label is important this day and age?  

Honestly, I don’t think a record label is the be-all and end-all. The music industry has changed since the 60’s/70’s. You don’t get big money record deals with large advances anymore. There are so many tools to be used and avenues to go down to distribute your music nowadays, I think what is more important than having a record label, is actually to have a good team around you, and a good work ethic. Most of the money an artist makes now is from touring and merch, so maybe having a good promoter and live agent is more important now? 

Who would be your dream collaboration?  

That’s a really tough question!  I always hate this one because there are so many. But if I really had to choose, it would be Dallas Green, known as ‘City and Colour’.  I remember his vocal being the reason I started listening to Alexisonfire, and then he went the total opposite way and and put out this acoustic album. I was hooked instantly!

Have you ever performed overseas? If so where has been the best place?  

I’ve only played overseas a few times. And they were all in an old band I was with a few years back. The best place for me was Eindhoven, Netherlands. I don’t know what it is about that place, but the people really love and appreciate the music you’re playing to the next level! 

Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?  

I do. But I can’t say for sure when they will come to fruition. I have a bunch of things I’m currently working on. More than anything, I want to get some new music released. 

Tell us something about your personal or professional life that'll blow our minds. 

Okay, so this isn’t something I’m proud of, but when I was 14 I was arrested for stealing a car. I won’t go into details, but I haven’t committed grand theft auto since then. Which I’m putting down as a win! I’m a good person, I promise! 

Article & Photo Credit: Danny Woodstock


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