“I have to constantly remember to have private words with myself and remember why I started in the first place."

We went and met performer and all round bad ass Amy Adele. The newest recruit to the power house that are The Fuel Girls, we asked how she is enjoying her new role, the favourite event she has performed at and what the hardest thing to deal with is within the industry.   

So tell us who is Amy Adele?  

I never really know how to answer this question…probably because I’m still trying to figure me out! I can, however, admit that I am a little ball of organised chaos, with 73 tabs open at all times, and a filthy bassline doing press-ups in the background... I’m an excitable un-toilet trained puppy when I spend time with people I love. I’m curious about so many things and enjoy throwing myself into various ventures, including making sure that I make the most of having 2 jobs so that my brain is constantly entertained!

You have recently joined the Fuel Girls team tell us how that's going?  

I feel like I’m still in the honeymoon period of realising that it’s actually happened… I’ve done a badass photoshoot and a few private gigs with the girls so far, which have been awesome, and I’m super excited to be doing the Masters of Dirt Show at Christmas! It still all doesn’t feel like it’s sunk in properly yet!

Is there a stand out/favourite event to perform at? 

To date - performing in Monaco at the Formula 1 racetrack a few years back. We were breathing fire on gigantic podiums at the most popular Brasserie in the port!

The performances can sometimes be very dangerous to perform have you had any nightmares on stage? 

Luckily, no absolute horrors, but of course the occupational hazard of the odd lip burn now and again and the occasional hard wallop with flying fire poi, but all in the name of showbiz! One of my favourite malfunctions, however, was at a stage show where my fire swords refused to light and I had to gracefully accept defeat and slither away into the night…

What's the hardest thing to deal with in the industry? 

My top 2 contenders are crippling perfectionism and productivity guilt, both of which sometimes lead you down that old yellow brick road of comparing yourself to others, which in the right headspace can inspire motivation, but also sometimes not.  I have to constantly remember to have private words with myself and remember why I started in the first place.

What would be the dream gig? 

Aside from becoming a Fuel Girl!?...The only reason I got into fire performing was because I was podium dancing at a club night where the Fuel Girls were headlining. I was instantly fascinated and knew that one day I wanted that to be me, and the fact that it’s now a reality is beyond mind-blowing! SHE MADE IT! Being in an industry that can take you to venues and places in the world you never even thought about, whilst being paid to live out your creative fantasies is a dream in itself ☺

You're stranded on a desert island what 3 things you taking? 

…Seeing as it wasn’t specified that I had to own said things first, I’m going all out and taking a boat, a knife, and a robot doctor who never malfunctions and comes with unlimited medical supplies…

Here at The Hobo Journal we love to travel hence the name, where is your favourite place on earth?  

¡España! Que tiene mi corazón por siempre <3

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