" I crave to express myself and protect what is sacred -  I never really felt understood or of this world"

The Journal went to meet New Zealand native and creative soul Shåuvy, We had been tracking her for a while so when we saw she had re-located to the Uk  we had to try and catch up with her. Shåuvy has an ora that intrigues and abilities that captivate so we try and tap into exactly what has shaped the being that exists today. We ask who or what were her influences growing up, how she defines her art and what makes her so spiritual.  

So tell us who is the myth the Legend Shåuvy?

Um hai, I’m Shāuvy Shauv aka @pisceanssoul —@ba333lien aka PlanetBaelien for a darker side, hehe. I’m mostly focused within my ancient succubus era right own. Coming for land back in our colonisers land. LONDON BOUND. lezzgo 

What is the Alternative scene like in your native New Zealand?

In Āotearoa, there have been some really dope collectives emerging from the abyss. I have been in a hiatus for some time navigating my healing journey so I haven’t got to experience them yet, although I’d love to visit things like FILTH, AKL and I love the work NHC, WLG does within the music industry/festival community in NZ also. I grew up travelling around NZ touring, setting up outdoor parties w my dad so it’s something I seem to gravitate towards naturally. Most of my connections are artists, creators, performers of all sorts etc.

When we met you said you were a creative and wouldn't pigeon hole yourself into one category tell us more.

I used to create music, hardly shared any of it. Though I was vocal trained and have performed at places, outdoor festivals and parties I just don’t post about it much because I don’t sound like Beyoncé lol. Only did these things when I was encouraged and pushed to though (which I needed. I can be so painfully shy). I had stalls for my handmade jewellery, apparel, tatus, drawings, paintings, prints, posters, patches etc and an online store @psyflow.unalome . I toured some of my country doing mirimiri (māori healing) workshops, protesting for the land etc (since the beginning of time!) . That is the real soul mahi (work) . I crave to express myself and protect what is sacred especially being a pretty non-verbal/introverted being most of my life. I’m more of a listener but I have alot within. I never really felt understood or of this world I created my own. I am an alien, a muse. A shapeshifter. Protector. A non conformist. Multidimensional Creator of realms. I’ll do whatever I can to feel and share freedom and that often is found within Artistic/Creative spaces. That is where I find my people.

Is there a specific creative genre you can see yourself pursuing more though further in life?

….honestly, this is so hard to share but I wish I didn’t give up music. I would love to have the courage and patience to work through that again, privately. Without disturbance like just for my own expression & healing. I write so much magic. Maybe I’ll face my fears and drop some secret songs somewhere like IYKYK type vibes. I don’t know. It’s abit of a story and heaviness to it.

Who are the people or things that inspired you in life growing up and indeed now?

Souls like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot, Ciara, Destinys Child and many more. Really have me that strong feminine Mana I missed deeply growing up alone a lot. My mā and I were separated a lot. We missed eachother so deeply but she always found a way to find me again randomly around Āotearoa. She is a warrior. Within this time she was also in the NZ Army, then Dance & Acting school. So. Alot hip hop re-empowered me when I didn’t know if I could survive this world. And alot of RNB softened me and helped me tap into my emotions to process them. I love all music that resonates tho and grew up with a wide range of it.  Tho my fathers hidden talents have truly been my biggest inspiration. We were in the circo arts when I was a baby. Gymnastics & Traditional Japanese Sakura Khan Jiu-Jitsu. He’s done many theatre shows like The Rocky Horror Picture Show etc. He would connect w everyone everywhere we went like w a hacky sack or odagio, mma etc etc. He can draw anything w no practice. He writes incredibly, and can also verbally tell the most in detail stories. He’s an architectural designer, creative director, performer, stone masoner, builder, security guard the list would never end. Just anything he can create to give to others in a way that represents him. He is extremely private and doesn’t like photos etc so it’s like IYKYK type vibes. Undercover legend. My parents were 19, my dad got out of the system at like 21 or something ..and it was just us ever since. So Im expressing mostly about my father because we grew up together and lived a very full life from a very young age. I often forget anything happened in my past to be honest ..for many reasons. Hence why I like to record and share love and special moments captured …it would’ve been really cool to have something special to hold onto from back then.. or some sort of evidence or treasure to keep and remember of the many weird and wonderful journeys, connections and adventures I had growing up. Not just the darkness that you endure through life, you know. My younger self inspires me now, I want to make little Shāuvy proud. She needed someone. So I gotta be that person now. It’s Quantum support. Healing timelines.

You have a very spiritual tell us about that side of you.

Hmmm… I don’t think it has much to do with me, I have seen in every sense and felt everything to be alive and conscious. Interconnected. All of the dimensions exist and operate ALL WAYS, ALWAYS. Whether you are paying mindfulness of presence or elsewhere manifesting. But when you do connect your attention with your intention —it grows those matters, into actual matter. But yeah, I don’t know haha. Nothing matters, everything is matter. It all just IS. All we actually need to do …is BE. I wish I felt that earlier …instead of the whole world on my shoulders all the time. So you’re super brave and successful if you are just alive and doing your best to be healthy and loving despite the human realm obstacles and lessons.

Here at The Hobo Jack Journal we love to travel hence the name, Where is your favourite place on earth and why?

I am a triple water sign haha ..obviously, very dramatic, introspective and imaginative, always in a world of my own. So probably my bedroom, a safe sacred space. I need alot of space. And silence. The sanctuaries I had back home have been my favourite places in the world. Because growing up nomadding it around the country in vehicles, tents, tps, forest houses, festivals, lounges etc ..and also growing up full bush alot of the time where the is no reception, no internet no power etc. just a generator, hours away from any civilisation or shops in the Coromandel Peninsula, MAHANA…. I really appreciate the privileges of home. My biggest dream is to own my own.. or a tiny house or tree house, in the forest, to be alone in peace and make art and music. To invite all my most favourite humans in whenever they need or want and look after them.

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