“everything is so mainstream and boring right now and feel one definitely needs a Jimmie|Martin touch"


We went to meet Jimmie one half of the interior design Maestro Jimmie|Martin. The minute you approach their Kensington showroom you can see they mean business. Their bold, outrageously designed angels adorn the window display.  The duo have celebrity clientele as long as your arm that include the likes of Madonna, Liam Gallagher and Nikki sixx.. Originally from Sweden Jimmie explains that although studying art at High School and Uni he actually dropped out and he never envisioned that it would become a huge part of his career.  Jimmie explains that after he dropped out of uni he won a modelling competition in Sweden which in which he forged a successful career travelling the world for the next 10 years.

How was the business created?

The business was created by my love for art, design, and furniture and me creating a couple of pieces for my home which I coincidentally took some pictures of, While on a casting job in Soho I got chatting to a woman who had a hair salon, she loved the piece and said I could display it in her window, within a month I had a call from design decoration awards suggesting I should enter. I’d never sold a single piece and within a month we got short listed for best newcomer at The Design Decoration Awards for furniture design up against some of the industry greats such as Kelly Hoppen a category which we actually ended up winning. That was the time that I knew I had to give up modelling and pursue this as a career.

What has been your best commission to date?

My best commission to date would have to be the throne that Madonna was carried in on at Super Bowl 2012. 

What would be the dream commission?

My dream job would be to interior design a boutique hotel from top to bottom everything is so mainstream and boring right now and feel one definitely needs a Jimmie|Martin touch.

What’s the plans going forward for Jimmie|Martin?

Going forward would really be more of the same we’re extremely busy at the moment and our client base is forever growing. We just want to keep expanding our products, limited edition prints, sculptures, coffee table books as well as lots of exhibitions around the world.

Article & Photo Credit: Danny Woodstock


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