“we paved the way for so many other epic gangs of babes out there that are killing it all around the globe!"

We caught up with Fuel Girl and fire performer Von Wager on the girls latest promo shoot. Von one of the longest serving performers gives us a little insight into the wonderful world of these bad ass bunch of girls.

So who is Von?

I'm a fireperformer/model/social media and marketing maven! I am one of those people who never stops working, so I need lot's of different jobs or I just feel really uncomfortable. I've been in the industry for a long time...but am somehow still here, but find that I am working more on the creative direction of shows and productions these days, alongside my 'normal' person job! Who knows...maybe there's a few more years of my face to come

You're one of the longest-serving Fuel Girls! for anybody who doesn't know tell us who they are and what they do?  
We are the UK's longest established, all-female, fire, pyrotechnics and aerial group! We really were the first of this kind of group and it's a proud feeling to say we paved the way for so many other epic gangs of babes out there that are killing it all around the globe! 

When and how did your journey start with the girls? 
SO long ago...I mean I am old now. LOL. When I was 18, so we're talking about the days of modified car shows, we used to dance for the record label; 'Fuel' at their stand at events, and one day we worked with Masumi Max - a legendary fire performer, who taught us how to do a few tricks. People started coming to see us at shows as well as the cars, and the Fuel girls were born! 

Has there been a stand out/favourite event to perform at? 
For me I would have to say some of the shows we used to do back in the day on proper 'tour' we used to travel around in an A Team style van, all across Europe. We had no idea how cool our lifestyle was, we were treated like little rockstars! There are so many shows I love, Masters Of Dirt in Vienna has to be one of the coolest, there is no feeling quite like throwing 20-meter explosives around your head whilst bikes fly over you, surrounded by the girls you love! 

The performances are obviously very dangerous to perform have you had any nightmares on stage? 

We have had some, it really isn't possible to not get nurn playing with fire. We all continuously get burnt on a regular basis! I won't go into any bad details, but Char once broke both her arms snowboarding at a show, and Suzie once had a bike fly into her at another event...bad times. The girls are all fucking hardcore though, we really have each others backs and we are WAY safer now than we used to be! 

How long can you see yourself performing? Have you any other aspirations you would love to fulfill? 
I mean I really should's becoming creepy. I have so many aspirations, As I said I also work in marketing and social media - one day I would love to have my own big team of people working on amazing campaigns! I'd love to continue thinking up more creative show concepts too that feature some of the amazing performance artists I've worked with over the years. 

Here at The Hobo Journal we love to travel hence the name, Where is your favourite place on earth? 
JAPAN. Always and forever. <3

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer  


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