"The assumptions that are made about performers sometimes blow my mind "

The Journal went and hung out with fire performer and entertainer Olivia Livewire, We had to pin down the self professed nomad while she has momentarily took refuge in London. Here we get an insight into how she started in the industry, If she has had any incidents while performing and what happens when the spark goes out.

So tell us who is Olivia Livewire? 
A red haired inferno who loves to bring the fire! I'm all about being on stage, performing with fire, putting together alternative burlesque acts and running club nights with my Raze Hell team. 
How did you get into a field as unique as fire performing? 
I used to work a lot of festivals when I was younger, just doing odd jobs, that's when I saw fire performers for the first time. I remember thinking "that looks dangerous, I want to do that!" , so I went home at the end of that Summer and got my first fire staff and started training! 
Have you any advise to anybody looking to get into the performance industry?  
Definitely speak to as many professionals as you can, I was so lucky when I was first starting out, I got to work very closely backstage for some incredible performers. If you can be a stage hand for someone and learn first-hand from them, do it. Do your research and be careful, don't throw yourself in without understanding or respecting how dangerous it is working with fire. 
It's obviously a dangerous job, has there ever been a nightmare while performing on stage? 
It's true what they say, play with fire and you will get burnt! I've singed myself plenty of times but nothing too severe, no big scars yet! I've heard some horror stories though, a friend of mine managed to angle grind into her own leg once, the thought of that makes me so careful when using my grinder now. 
What's the hardest thing to deal with in the Industry? 
The assumptions that are made about performers sometimes blow my mind, a lot of people just don't get it. But we're made of strong stuff and you just have to hold your head up and stay professional. 
Can you see it being a long career for yourself or do you have other targets and goals for the future? 
If I had it my way I'd be on stage until my death bed, but sadly this career does have a shelf life! I'll keep going for as long as I can though and Raze Hell Entertainment will grow into more of an agency so I can step down as a performer and book shows for others instead. I have lots of plans up my sleeve but all will be revealed in good time! 
Here at The Hobo Journal we love to travel (hence the name) where’s the best place you have ever been to and why?  
I know the Hobo life well, I lived in my van on the road for several years! The west coast of Scotland has some incredible scenery but my favourite place to visit is Galway in Ireland, Irish people are the nicest you'll ever meet and the energy in Galway is fantastic! I spent some time there busking and meeting locals and absolutely fell in love with the place, I can't wait to go back.

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