“The idea of the Fash Surgeon is to create unique pieces that reflect the inner world of the owner. I want to make people stand out from the crowd"

We caught up with our Greek friend Nikos who we shot in Athens a while back, The fashion designer is gaining a big reputation in his native city for breaking boundaries with his one off pieces. We asked how he got into the industry, Where he gets inspiration from and who his dream commission would be.     

So who is Nikos Kriemadis? where did you grow up? What did you have aspirations to be as a child?

I was born in Athens in 1983 and thats where I grew up. My grandmother has an atelier and my mom helped her to sew the clothes.I guess I always had aspirations to follow suit, I loved going to work with her and thats where my passion for design came from.

How did you get into this? Is this something you studied?

Like I said, my family has an Atelier and that’s where I got my start. My grandmother and mother were both amazing at what they do. Everything I know now, everything I learned, is because of them. All of those experiences I had with them growing up cost a lot. It took years, but it made me who i am now.

You're a custom luxury streetwear designer and creator tell us about the concept of the brand. 

The idea of the Fash Surgeon is to create unique pieces that reflect the inner world of the owner. I want to make people stand out from the crowd. Thats the same reason i created Myobu. If you’re on vacation, at the club, or at a restaurant it’s luxury style streetwear that keeps you looking your best.

You're also a model which do you prefer?  

My love for fashion pushed me to do more that just design clothes. I model to build my resume and get some new experiences but more than anything i love creating. Thats where i feel I can really express myself the most.

How would you describe the trend and scene in Athens?

Athens is a city with a slow rhythm. Its nothing like the rest of the fashion world, but for me its the ideal place. Athens is where I recuperate and get inspired. Sitting in an old cafe with a view acropolis, theres nothing like that.

Are there any designers you take inspiration from? 

I am inspired a lot by Japanese designers and the freedom of Asian style. Thats where the name of my second line comes from , Myobu. In Japanese mythology Myobu symbolizes the messenger fox of the holy spirit.

Who would be your dream to create a piece for?

Johnny Depp would be the person that I would live to create a piece for because his values aligned with the mission of my brands. 

You're stranded on a dessert island and you can only have 3 things what would they be? 

Radio, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Here at The Hobo Journal we love to travel hence the name, where is your favourite place on earth? 

Los Angeles because I found so much inspiration from the artwork thats being produced in this city.

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   

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