" I try not to think too much on what could happen and instead focusing 100% of the things that are happening to me right now "

The Journal went to meet Spanish Artist Miguel Hcuar at his latest exhibition in Camden, his use of bold striking colours can be seen on both canvas and the streets. Influenced by pop culture, cartoons and characters Miguel grew up with the pieces have a unique style and composition that sets him alongside the very best in our opinion. We ask him which mediums he prefers, the best and worst thing about creating street art and his opinion on the NFT world.   

So tell us who is Miguel Hcuar and what's your background? 

Miguel Hcuar is a Spanish artist and designer that moved from Zaragoza, Spain; to London in 2016. I've been living and working in the UK capital for the past 6 years and couldn't be happier. I've been involved with arts and design, studying or working with these topics for more than 15 years now.

How would you describe your art? 
My art is a mixture of various elements of pop culture, cartoons and characters that influenced me when I was a kid, and some other references that come from the graffiti scene. All mixed up with vibrant colours and complicated compositions. But behind all that there is a hidden message that might or might not connect with the public depending on how they feel on a certain subject or topic. 
You work across many different Mediums which do you prefer? 
I suppose I prefer different mediums to express different things at different times. A canvas might be the perfect medium to express a deep thought or feeling I've been reflecting on for some time, but then I might go to a wall to paint a quick mural just to get some tension and stress off me. I would say the medium dictates the artwork a bit for me at this point in my career. Painting a canvas is something that requires more time, it will be a more elaborate piece of work that will intend to communicate an important message. When I go painting a graffiti piece, I usually don't have anything to communicate just to have fun doing what I like, painting!

What is the best thing about creating art on the street? And the worst?  
There are several things for me. One is the freedom, you get to paint whatever you want and usually no one says anything. The interaction with the public it's usually something I like too, what they see on my piece or what they feel with it, even though I probably don't want to say anything in particular. The other one is the scale, painting in the street means you can go as big as you can or want. In the studio you're usually tied to a canvas of a certain size, yes you can buy big canvases but there are really big walls out there. The worst thing for me might be the extreme cold or heat in winter and summer, or some negative interactions with people that might not like what we do and call the police on us, but hey! That's part of the game too. 
What would be the dream commission? 
I could say that a dream commission that has come true was when I had to paint a primary school here in London, I was in charge of painting two murals in the playground where kids will play and grow for several years now, and that was an incredible experience. Maybe another one that hasn't happened yet would be painting my school back home, that would be amazing! I try not to think too much on what could happen and instead focusing 100% of the things that are happening to me right now, I believe if I work hard at each opportunity, future ones will be better and bigger.

What’s your opinion on NFT art?  
It's a field I'm not sufficiently informed of, but it's one that I'll try to be more present and aware of by the end of this year. I'm not saying it's the future of art or that will make me rich, but I want to explore it more before I commit to that way of working with my art and the digital world.  
Here at The Hobo Journal we LOVE to travel hence the name, Where is the best place you have ever been and why?  
Oh man, that's a tough question! I think travelling is something essential for the growth of every single human being. You need to go as far away as you can to learn and see things you would never imagine. I could list a few: Cuba, Iceland, Canary Islands or Switzerland are the ones that come to the top of my head. But again, travel is a must. Thanks for the opportunity mate. Let me know if they are too short or anything. See you tomorrow at the gallery.

More images below from Danny Woodstock Photographer   




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