If you keep up to date with our social media, over the last few weeks you may of seen “The 300 Club” being mentioned. What is this? You may have been asking yourself. Well…
I have decided to do a little write up to let you guys know exactly what is about to go down because quite frankly, this is huge.
We have been supplying you guys now for nearly 4 years with some of the most amazing T-shirts and designs. Now as much as we love this, we really want to take the whole Hobo Jack shopping experience to the next level.
Now I know you’re thinking “How can it get any better”?
Let me explain, So us guys at HJ HQ have always had a long term vision of providing our customers with one off, limited edition printed t-shirts.
Its been a long process deciding things like, how many prints we are going to use per batch, finding the right supplier to provide us with the very best T-shirt on the market, building relationships with some of the biggest artist & illustrators worldwide and also building up a strong customer relationship.
We really could not have got to this point without you guys, so we feel its only right that we give back and we have made it now only our goal but our obligation to provide our customers with nothing but the best.
So, As from the end of this month, every T-shirt we sell will be Limited to only 300 prints. Each T-shirt will have its own certificate of authentication and will be numbered accordingly. Once product is sold out we will no longer print anymore of these designs and only then will you be a part of the very prestige 300 Club.
We have been working super hard and collaborating with 100’s of artist over the last few years and we have some truly amazing designs stashed away in the secret archives here at Hobo Jack HQ.
The 300 Club is coming, Do not miss our on your very own limited edition T-shirt and being part of Hobo Jack’s brand legacy.
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